Hadi: That’s it for 2016!

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since my last journal entry; shame, shame, shame… I’ve been so bad at keeping up with this DevBlog as we come to a close on 2016. I’d like to say it’s not my fault, but it’s totally my fault! That’s what I get for trying to juggle too many things […]

Hadi: Back from a small hiatus

Hey guys! I’ve been gone! For about a week and some odd amount of days. Since the start of my absence I have been to Las Vegas, which is an unusual place to say the least, and the computer repair shop where I have once again managed to resurrect my compooper, Slavebot. So now that […]

Podcast Episode 4: More Podcasts

Hi guys! We managed to record past our intended number of podcast episodes for October! Whoo~! We are taking this week off to rest and do edits on our beautiful audio recordings. For the most part I think the episodes are entertaining enough to hold a listeners attention for about an hour, and with the […]

Hadi: Podcasts Continue

Hey Guys! So we are STILL working on our stockpile of podcast episodes… We have learned so much, and there’s still so much more to learn. For example, did you know that having a cheaper dynamic mic is much more effective than using a condenser mic which is much more sophisticated. The condenser mic is […]

Hadi: Podcasts, podcasts, and some more podcasts

Hey Guys! So as the title suggests I have gone deep into the realm of podcasts. What are they? Where do they come from? Do they feel? How can I create one? You know the basic questions you’d usually ask when tackling such an idea. So here I go again into some more podcasts. Till […]

Hadi: Sound Abosption Booth and Podcasts

Hey Guys, Sorry for the late entry, I haven’t had access to my slave bot for a couple of days now. [I call my computer slave bot :p ] This past week I have been designing a sound absoprtion booth so that we can have better audio in our podcasts. As of now we have […]

Hadi: Back from the wilderness

Hey guys! Let’s get this journal on the way, should be a short one! So on my last entry I was hoping to have a pixel logo ready, well things changed a bit. We have started looking for alternate ways of funding Namespace and if this works out I will be extremely pleased. Other than […]

Hadi: Dawnroot Pixel Title and a Wedding

Hey guys! So another week and another journal entry. This past week has been such a blur; earlier this week I spent some time playing around with our super duper awesome logo that Andrew made for us and started simplifying it; (Andrew’s logo) (Shitty start of a possibly awesome pixel logo) So as you can […]

Hadi: Bits and pieces

Hey guys! So this past week has been pretty fun; I managed to put together a tileset for us to start playing around with. Super exciting! Now, I’m focusing on what I call “social media assets”; essentially cool things we can use in our twitter, tumblr and website. Should be fun. Anywho until next time, […]

Hadi: So much shame I can’t even…

and some more I have missed a total of 3 Journals since my last entry… … But it’s not my fault! After my last entry I started working with Andrew on DAWNROOT’s logo, and not wanting to spoil our “reveal” I was forced to keep quiet… (I guess I could’ve written a journal about something […]