Dre: Werkwerkwerkwerk

So I’ve been in a creative slump for the last couple of weeks. There has been too much going on in life, I think. I was having some meditation time in the mountains when I realized it could be that I’m not exercising enough. They say a strong body makes a strong mind and I […]

Dre: Journal entry for Dre!

So there have been some developments with the company. Everything has been going well. I have been finishing up almost everything with our initial release and moving on to more artsy stuff. I’m overall pretty happy with everything I’ve done. The world has been developing in a very positive way. Pieces are fitting together and […]

Dre: Journal 26

So I got some pretty solid work done on Manandans face. The level of detail is nice and the elements I created are interesting. There are still a couple unremarkable places, mainly the ear, walls and bar. I solve a hundred problems just to realize I’ve created 10 hundred more. If everything was that easy, […]

Dre: Journal 25

So I got stuck in the delta blackout last week. That was lame. Got stuck in Portland for 2 extra days after 2 canceled flights. As far as Nemid’s playground goes, the map layout is getting pretty good. The map has enough size and variety of gameplay to be interesting. Now it just needs to […]

Dre: Journal 24

So the first level has been redesigned to reflect a more appropriate theme for the game. I liked the old one. I like the new one. There is quite a bit of work left to be fine to make it fit the level of detail the other maps have, but I’m ok with that. Also […]

Dre: Revived

So I ran out of contract, but now I’m back.. INDEFINITELY (don’t tell the bosses). So I have enough time to finish all the map designs. I’m glad because I was worried that there would be some that were sub-par. I now have the time to finish things to the level I hoped they would […]

Dre: Journal 22 (I’ll go with that)

So this are coming to a close, but there are still do many things left to do. I’m getting pretty comfortable with ask the recent work I’ve done. The forest is cool, the shops are cool, and the tunnels are cool. They are finally starting to have the flare that I wanted to put in […]

Dre: Journla number next

So I’ve been working on things that are much more detailed for the last couple of weeks. It’s fun to really get in to the places now that I’m understanding the world better. The tricky part right now isn’t just figuring out all the things that make the world alive, but also throwing in some […]

Dre: Journal 20ish

So the map making has been going well. I like world’s end and the bacon forest. They are at a level that I’m really comfortable with. It makes me look back on uptown and realize that there is quite a bit more to do on it. The detail level has been ramped up significantly and […]

Dre: Journal 19

So I’ve been working on maps maps maps. I like how most of them are turning out, but there is still so much detail to be done in order for them to feel lived in. The tricky part isn’t drawing, as much as it is brainstorming all the subtle details that need to be made […]