Sean: This is what I get for listening to podcast commercials

First off, fuck square space and their lack of extensions. I guess this is what I get for listening to podcast commercials. Time to get back to having real FTP access, server space and good old WordPress. It was kind of a pain to switch over last week, but the benefits will definitely outweigh time […]

Ken: The Disappearing Race

Hey everyone, I’m Ben E, but every just calls me Benny. I’m the team’s historian and researcher, which means I get to investigate all the terrifying myths, fables, and legends throughout history that have become the basis for our game. Basically, I’m like Indiana Jones with a modem. I’m really excited to share some truly […]

Dre: This week has been a crazy one

This week has been a crazy one. I tried to buy a car, but it turned out to be a disaster. I’ve been carpooling half an hour to and from the city I work in for a few months and I’m fed up with other people’s schedules ruling my life. So I took the leap […]

Dre: Team management, game design, and production art

It’s exciting to work on this project. I work full time doing mainly team management, game design and production art, so working with [NAMESPACE] is a welcome change to make some real art. I typically work best in an ADD sort of mindset – not sticking to a single task for too long, so switching […]

Christian: Game engines will be easily extensible

So, my thought on game engines is that ideally, they will be easily extensible. What that means is that each script must be compartmentalized. The goal of my engine design was to allow the addition and subtraction of these components on the fly, so that I would only have to program a behavior once, and […]

Hadi: Hi, I’m a crazy little monkey

Hello, HELLO? Hi, I’m a crazy little monkey that happened to get his hands on a bunch of money! Instead of spending it all on awesome bananas (mmmm…. bananas) I’ve decided to team up with a bunch of devs and build a game. “SMACK” (monkey goes flying off the chair) Sorry about that! I’m Hadi, […]

Sean: So far so good.

So far so good. Not a great way to start a journal entry, but then again who am I trying to impress with this shit. The world? Hardly. My team? Slightly. Myself? Mostly I guess. Seems like a hard task. Surprising yourself that is. Yet that is exactly what has been happening these past few […]