The Ultimate Game Dev Reading List

When I decided to start make video games I went about consuming as much material about the subject as I possibly could. I didn’t stop at game design, I wanted to learn everthing from animation to business. I don’t claim to know everything or even to have retained all of the material that I have […]

Tutorial: Saving script values in Unity with Reflection

For our project DawnRoot, We wanted to have an interactive AI, Not AI standing in the same spot giving the same lines of dialog every time. Instead, we wanted our AI to move around the world, meet their needs for food, drink, and sleep, and otherwise appear as life-like as possible. To that end, we […]

Tutorial: Multi-Grid Graph Navigation in Unity

The A* pathfinding project is quite powerful, and allows multiple grid graphs out of the box, which is quite handy considering the requirements of our game. However, I didn’t find that many helpful resources for using grid graphs in the way we intended. What we wanted to do was move our AI from graph to […]