Sean: Story Structure

I thought that this week I would share a bit of what I have learned while researching how to tell a good story. During the past couple weeks, I managed to read Invisible Ink by Brian McDonald, Save The Cat by Blake Snyder and Dan Harmon’s Story Circles, the two most recommended sources and which I […]

Hadi: Loose Ends

Hi guys, My apologies for missing last week’s journal entry. I’d like to say that I forgot, but I’d be lying. The reason I missed it was because I was distracted with other aspects of our project. This past week I’ve been assembling the first part of our slice which we are calling “Episode 1” […]

Hadi: Bringing Things Together

Hey guys, Apologies for my late journal, I haven’t had much time since Monday to get on my computer. Since my last entry I have begun reworking our design and story documents. Mostly it’s been some updating, cleaning up, and setting up so that once August rolls out I’ll have an easier time finding some […]