Frank: Farewell

Hey guys, as I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been getting any work done on this project for a while now. This has been due to a couple of reasons, mostly because my responsibilities at my day job have significantly increased since mid-February but also because I have been coming to the realization that I […]

Frank: Journal 10

Apologies for the missed journal entry last week.  Had a little hard drive mishap but I learned my lesson about backing up data the hard way not too long ago so it only hampered me for a few days. I have only gotten a few hours in over the past two weeks on game-related music, […]

Frank: 9-5 Blues

Last week was a blur. My two bosses were out of town (as they are this week) and that left just me and one other person to manage the 4 or 5 projects we have going on, in addition to my regular duties. Needless to say, it was an incredibly busy week, and when the […]

Frank: Fresh Air

This week has been the best I’ve experienced in what seems like a very long time. Health-wise I have made major improvements, and in regards to the music for this project I have made a very welcome change of pace. Early last week and during the latter half of the previous week I was getting […]

Frank: One Step Closer

My main accomplishment this past week has been getting a solid percussion track completed. Percussion is always my least favorite part and doesn’t tend to be a strong suite of mine, but after trying many different things I finally got something I like. Aside from that, I have played around with a few different sounds […]

Frank: A Plethora of New Instruments, and Blood

The nightmare continues. So far I have been back to the ER twice for emergency recauterization due to uncontrollable bleeding in one of my tonsil beds. It was a pretty shitty experience because they both happened at like 2 AM and I was 100% conscious while he stuck needles and an electrocautery tool in the […]

Frank: Bitching About His Tonsillectomy

I’ll keep this short so that I don’t annoy everyone with my whining. The past week has been a hellish one. I’ll spare you the gory details but if anyone ever considers getting a tonsillectomy as an adult, make sure you really need it. I knew it would be bad, but wasn’t prepared for what […]