Sean: Taking a Break With Friends and Family

Short game update. Custom shader was written that solves our previous sprite problems but only on Windows. Seems to be an issue with how Unity renders things on OSX and not an issue with the shader itself. So now we wait. In other news, it is Thanksgiving and I intended to spend this week surrounded […]

Sean: Squanching

Not much is new. Shader work has hit a bit of a wall at the moment, so I did a bit of work on a new dialog system that I am really excited about. Work bits aside I have been loving my time spent with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Exporation and platforming just feels […]

Hadi: Back from a small hiatus

Hey guys! I’ve been gone! For about a week and some odd amount of days. Since the start of my absence I have been to Las Vegas, which is an unusual place to say the least, and the computer repair shop where I have once again managed to resurrect my compooper, Slavebot. So now that […]

Podcast Episode 4: More Podcasts

Hi guys! We managed to record past our intended number of podcast episodes for October! Whoo~! We are taking this week off to rest and do edits on our beautiful audio recordings. For the most part I think the episodes are entertaining enough to hold a listeners attention for about an hour, and with the […]

How To Use Slack Without Losing You Mind or Your Precious Files

I worked on podcasts and a few other things this week; however, the main thing I want to share this week is how to use slack as an indie. That is how to keep using slack for free without losing all of your shit. Slack is a wonderful application but comes up short when it […]

Hadi: Podcasts Continue

Hey Guys! So we are STILL working on our stockpile of podcast episodes… We have learned so much, and there’s still so much more to learn. For example, did you know that having a cheaper dynamic mic is much more effective than using a condenser mic which is much more sophisticated. The condenser mic is […]

Hadi: Podcasts, podcasts, and some more podcasts

Hey Guys! So as the title suggests I have gone deep into the realm of podcasts. What are they? Where do they come from? Do they feel? How can I create one? You know the basic questions you’d usually ask when tackling such an idea. So here I go again into some more podcasts. Till […]

Sean: Images are worth a thousand words

This past week I have been focusing mainly on podcast creation and tending to our growing Instagram fan base. As a game developer, I had read many a Gamasutra article about how I should be writing blog posts, duh, tweeting on twitter, posting on tumblr, and maybe doing something with facebook, but I had never […]

Hadi: Sound Abosption Booth and Podcasts

Hey Guys, Sorry for the late entry, I haven’t had access to my slave bot for a couple of days now. [I call my computer slave bot :p ] This past week I have been designing a sound absoprtion booth so that we can have better audio in our podcasts. As of now we have […]

Sean: Memories

All-right, so I haven’t written an entry for a few weeks. My bad. My time got a bit screwed up by my trip to Tahoe for my uncles wedding. Coincidently, if it hadn’t been for him, who knows if I ever would have picked up playing video games in the first place. One of my […]