Christian: Getting into Gear

This week marks the second week that we have been performing weekly builds of Dawnroot. These builds serve as a way to do integration testing for our game. That is to say, we have all been working on our own pieces of the puzzle in a sort of isolation until now. We started the weekly […]

Sean: Why We Moved From Slack to Discord and Why You Should Too

We have officially moved our main communication platform from Slack to Discord and honestly, I couldn’t be more excited about this change. All of our text channels from Slack were easy enough to recreate in Discord and while we did lose old chat history to Slack, our oldest chat history had long ago been hidden […]

Sean: Update Time

Alright, it’s about damn time for an update. A couple months ago as we were finalizing concept art, Hadi and I came to the conclusion that since everyone liked the style of our concept art so much, we should attempt to emulate that look as closely as possible in the final game. To us, that […]

The Ultimate Game Dev Reading List

When I decided to start make video games I went about consuming as much material about the subject as I possibly could. I didn’t stop at game design, I wanted to learn everthing from animation to business. I don’t claim to know everything or even to have retained all of the material that I have […]

Sean: Story Structure

I thought that this week I would share a bit of what I have learned while researching how to tell a good story. During the past couple weeks, I managed to read Invisible Ink by Brian McDonald, Save The Cat by Blake Snyder and Dan Harmon’s Story Circles, the two most recommended sources and which I […]

Don’t Say Interesting

So winter break is over and things are beginning to pick up steam again. I have personally been delving back into story structure and climbing, but the newest and most useful development I would like to share is our new approach to the word interesting. Interested? But why? That is the real question. I can’t […]

Sean: Holiday Cheer

My biggest concern I had on implementing stealth mechanics is out of the way. Vision cones and sound ripples have been visualized and don’t look half bad for being a prototype. Whew. With visualizations out of the way, I can go on holiday without my mind interrupting me to think about how to implement that […]

Hadi: That’s it for 2016!

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since my last journal entry; shame, shame, shame… I’ve been so bad at keeping up with this DevBlog as we come to a close on 2016. I’d like to say it’s not my fault, but it’s totally my fault! That’s what I get for trying to juggle too many things […]

Sean: A Brief Overview of Stealth

Not much to say this week. Stealth research was fun and I thought I might as well give a brief overview of my notes since I don’t have much else to talk about. All stealth mechanics seem to break into essentially two categories, hiding and detection. Hiding is the name of the game and comes […]

Sean: Sneaky Snakes

Last week was an excellent break from all things game development. I spent a good chunk of the time climbing both inside and out with my brother before the season ends. Although with how warm it has been, who knows when the snow will come this year. In relation to games, I played quite a […]