Andrew: Journal entry #18

First and foremost, Dre, I think you are pretty awesome too.  I had an awesome time up in the mountains. I really had a chance to be distraction free and work out Rutherford. I will be posting him mañana along with a color deal. I also has some logo stuff for consideration but it is […]

Dre: Revived

So I ran out of contract, but now I’m back.. INDEFINITELY (don’t tell the bosses). So I have enough time to finish all the map designs. I’m glad because I was worried that there would be some that were sub-par. I now have the time to finish things to the level I hoped they would […]

Dre: Journal 22 (I’ll go with that)

So this are coming to a close, but there are still do many things left to do. I’m getting pretty comfortable with ask the recent work I’ve done. The forest is cool, the shops are cool, and the tunnels are cool. They are finally starting to have the flare that I wanted to put in […]

Andrew: Journal 17

I don’t think I have had a “normal” week in months. I worked on the fourth which freed me up to go and see the in laws this weekend so it was different to do work piece meal through the week instead all on the weekend. I don’t think I used the daily scrum page […]

Dre: Journla number next

So I’ve been working on things that are much more detailed for the last couple of weeks. It’s fun to really get in to the places now that I’m understanding the world better. The tricky part right now isn’t just figuring out all the things that make the world alive, but also throwing in some […]

Andrew: Journal Entry #16

Happy 4th Had a moderately good weekend, spent a lot of time trying to figure out the policeman, had a talk with Hadi that put them in the category of insect rather than the monkey or pig category so we’ll see if the re-work get a response or not.  I’ve also been trying out some […]

Andrew: Journal entry #15

This is going to be a weird journal entry, I’ve been slightly or really late for. A few weeks now so I’ve decided to publicly announce that no more, I am going to make areal effort to get these up on time! You may have noticed a lack of progress shots from Sunday, I spent […]

Dre: Journal 20ish

So the map making has been going well. I like world’s end and the bacon forest. They are at a level that I’m really comfortable with. It makes me look back on uptown and realize that there is quite a bit more to do on it. The detail level has been ramped up significantly and […]

Andrew: Journal Entry #13

Did you know that horny toads are one of the hardest reptiles to keep as a pet? It’s true, here in the south west we have lots of these running around and most of us would never know how hard they are to keep alive, they have evolved to basically not be able to be […]

Sean: Shallow Dive

Well, I did it and it turns out that parallaxing distorted sprites do look kinda cool, it also turns out that working with shaders is super difficult and confusing. But aside from having the functional shader that I wanted, I now also have a very basic understanding of Cg, something of which I had been […]