Isla: Link roundup 9/12/17

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Video of the Week: 64 bits – Samus Returns (Animated Tribute)” from 64 Bits (@64BitsAnimation)

Song of the week: Lost… Broken Shards ~ Xenogears” from Piano Game Knight (@PianoGameKnight)

Reading: The DeanBeat: Our Cuphead runneth over” from Dean Takahashi (@deantak)

Excerpt: “Last weekend, I started getting lots of mean tweets and comments on my video. One of them, Mr. Serious, called me out. I responded to him with something thoughtful, and said I wondered why the commenters were so mean. To my surprise, he apologized, and said it was the first such mean comment he had ever left. He said he looked up my bio and was jealous of my job, where I got paid to play games. I thanked him for my apology, as it restored my faith in humans on the internet.”

Reddit thread of the week: Why evil playthroughs are so hard for most people” by /u/Scrybatog

OP Excerpt: “TLDR: It’s easy to be good and avoid evil when you know the devs are looking out for good doers and keeping evil from being too OP. But what if being intelligently evil rewarded you realistically? How many could resist? What would that say about you as a person?”

Artist of the Week: Riikka Auvinen (@RiikkaPaints)

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare