Isla: Link roundup 9/6/17

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Video of the Week: How the song “Undertale” Hits Home” from Game Score Fanfare (@mittopotahis)

Song of the week: The Studious Prince Solo Piano (Original)” from Daniel Capo (@Dcapomedia)

Reading: Video game developers confess their hidden tricks at last” by Owen Good (@owengood)

Excerpt: “Jennifer Scheurle opened up a can of game-design whoopass on Thursday.

Scheurle, a designer with Opaque Space (whose current project is the virtual reality game Earthlight) tossed out an open question on Twitter that will make you question what really is underneath the hood of your favorite game.”

Reddit thread of the week: For anyone who wants to make the next Overwatch, please read this.” by /u/notch_2

OP Excerpt: “I wrote this as a comment for the 15 year old kid who recently posted asking about how much time it’ll take him to make the next big MMORPG. But then it got so big that I thought I might as well make it a post for every guy out there who has similar aspirations but doesn’t know the technical aspects of game development. Here’s a few things you should know…”

Artist of the Week: Juluia

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare