Isla: Link roundup 8/28/17

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Video of the Week: Half-Life 2: Episode 3’s Story Released By Marc Laidlaw” from Valve News Network (@ValveNewsNetwor)

Song of the week: Cloud’s Theme/ Main Theme Final Fantasy VII (Orchestral Version)” from Ludwijnlover

Reading: Women in Esports” by JAKE (@jake_overwatch)

Excerpt: “In traditional sports, the need for a gender separation is obvious. The different effects of testosterone vs. estrogen on muscle development are pronounced and undeniable. In competitions of strength and speed, then, it is clear that women should not be expected to be directly competitive with similarly talented and dedicated male opponents. In competitive gaming, this biological disparity falls away. Winning a competitive match in gaming has nothing to do with strength and usually quite little to do with speed of the type enhanced by muscle development. The freedom to employ any control scheme/sensitivity further suggests that testosterone is not a direct biological advantage in the way that it is in traditional sports. All this, of course, only begs the question of why it is that women are so rare in professional play.”

Reddit thread of the week: What interesting, but generally, unheard of or less popular, tools are in your developer tool box?” by /u/Lillani

OP Excerpt: “Every person has their favorite toolsets, primarily, things that people have already heard plenty of… like MODO, Maya, 3D studio, etc, but what about lesser known tools made by independent developers? I’m going to list some lesser known tools that I use and what they do… and maybe you guys can do the same, and we can discover some indie gems in the process?”

Artist of the Week: Gabriela Epstein  (@pichikui)

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare