Sean: Why We Moved From Slack to Discord and Why You Should Too

We have officially moved our main communication platform from Slack to Discord and honestly, I couldn’t be more excited about this change. All of our text channels from Slack were easy enough to recreate in Discord and while we did lose old chat history to Slack, our oldest chat history had long ago been hidden behind a paywall. Something I realized during the transition is that chat history is not that important, specific links and uploads from the chat are. Pin those. Seriously, we were underutilizing the fuck out of pins.

My favorite part of Discord is, of course, its main feature, frictionless voice chat. I still can’t get over how easy voice communication is with Discord. No more waiting for people to connect on Skype, now we just meet up in the “Conference Room”. Yes, you read that correctly, we structured our voice channels like rooms in an office including a conference room, a game room and individual rooms for studio members. These final rooms are used much like individual offices, with team members sitting in their rooms when they are online and allowing everyone to drop into each other’s rooms to ask quick questions or chat in the same way as you would in a physical office.

The only complaint I have from using Discord is its lack of screensharing abilities, this is the only feature we still use Skype for and while I have read multiple times that Discord will be releasing that feature sometime in 2017, that mystery date can’t arrive fast enough.