Isla: Link roundup 8/16/17

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Video of the Week: So This is Basically Legend of Zelda” from JelloApocalypse (@Welcome2Tweet)

Song of the week: Mario & Luigi: Ending Theme (Superstar Saga) #PixelMixers Acoustic Cover” from Dacian Grada (@DacianGrada)

Reading: Failing Like A Champ” by Nathan Ranney (@RatCasket)

Excerpt: “For the last few years it feels like all I thought about was this game. Development started on Kerfuffle back in December of 2014, and it ended in April of 2017. In the almost two months since its cancellation, I feel as though I’ve thought about the game just as much as I had during the entire time it was in development. Thoughts and ideas running each other down, climbing over one another in a giant pile of chaos. It has been exhausting, demotivating, and depressing. Partially for my own sanity, and hopefully to help even a few people, I’m writing this to put my thoughts in order.  Why did the game fail? Where did I, as the project lead, screw up? What could have been done to prevent this?”

Reddit thread of the week: The older I get and the more games I play, the less I care about cutting-edge graphics and visuals” by /u/fabrar

OP Excerpt: “[O]ne thing that I noticed that really changed is that I no longer care much about how graphically impressive a game is. I mean, I’ll still probably have trouble with something as old as, I don’t know, Ocarina of Time or FF VII because they do look quite dated, but as long as the art and stylization is nice, I don’t care too much about graphical fidelity. As long as it has fun gameplay that won’t tax me too much, I’m down with it. And if it happens to have fantastic graphics, that’s the cherry on top.”

Artist of the Week: Pixel and 3D artist and animator Fernando Angelo

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare