Isla: Link roundup 8/7/17

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Video of the Week: Does Advertising Actually Work? – The GameOverGreggy Show” from Kinda Funny (@KindaFunnyVids)

Song of the week: Mirror Image: A Link to the Past ReMixed, An OC ReMix Album (Trailer)” from OverClocked ReMix (@ocremix)

Reading: Climbing an impossible mountain: the struggles of making a game alone” by Ed Kay (@edform)

Excerpt: “Making videogames is hard. Making a game by yourself is even harder.

But when most people hear this, they think hard means technically difficult, artistically challenging, hard to stand out etc. All of that is true, but one of the hardest things that people don’t really consider is the loneliness and emotional strain of surviving this journey by yourself.

This article is for developers that are considering embarking on their own solo journey and also for those that are in the thick of it and struggling to ship their first solo project.”

Reddit thread of the week: A discussion about the shortcomings of Zelda: BoTW’s “Master Mode”” by /u/Mariokartfever

OP Excerpt: “The real failure here, in my eyes, is that the enemies aren’t actually more challenging to kill, it just takes A LOT longer to kill them. It creates a constant feeling of tedium. The very first enemy you run into, a blue bobokin just passed the old man and his camp, cannot be killed by any weapons you gather until that point. On the path there you have the opportunity to pick up a few tree branches, but they barely do any damage and break after 8 hits or so. I didn’t feel like wasting the one decent item I had (the axe) fighting a nobody, so I just ran. That’s become the theme of masters mode basically. Don’t fight- it’s a waste of resources and takes too long!”

Artist of the Week: Kieren (@basement_bats)

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare