Isla: Link roundup 7/31/17

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Video of the Week: Unity: Good Enough for Bad Games” from 2kliksphilip (@3kliksphilip)

Song of the week: Jasper Byrne – Miami (Rydro Remix)” from Rydro (@RydroOfficial)

Reading: What I Wish I Was Told as a Beginner Learning to Code” from Developer Atlas

Excerpt: “Technology has transformed our lives and suffused our popular culture, and Software Engineering is quickly transforming from being a misunderstood nerdy fringe group to being a venerated skill that everyone is encouraged to pursue. Record numbers of people are being attracted to learning how to code without really understanding what they are getting into. Here’s what I wish I knew when I was starting out.”

Reddit thread of the week: The official Blender YouTube channel has just uploaded 25 short beginner tutorial videos.

Artist of the Week: Cedric Babouche (@Cedric_Babouche)

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare