Sean: Link roundup 7/24/17

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Video of the Week: Does Advertising Actually Work” from Kinda Funny (@KindaFunnyVids)

Song of the week: 9 Bit Cryptography (Disco Descent) from GameChops (@GameChops

Reading: Maze in the Dark from Jon H.M. Chan

Excerpt: “Whenever you’re coding, you’re walking into a maze in the dark. Your job is not to get a map of the maze beforehand, figure out the path from the entrance to the exit, memorize the solution, and then walk in confidently knowing exactly what to do. No, your job is to walk right into darkness, armed with little more than your wits, and feel your way through it.”

Reddit thread of the week:The Importance of Market Fit: Things I Wish I Knew Before Developing a Puzzle-Platformer by u/erik

Excerpt: “Through trying to understand the sales performance of our game, I have developed an interest in market analysis that may border on the obsessive. I never thought I would ever spend so much time researching sales numbers and analyzing marketing pitches. I’ve come to understand that product/market fit is a huge factor in a game’s commercial performance, and I’d like to share my thoughts on why Life Goes On isn’t a good fit in the modern indie games market.”

Artist of the Week: @AlcopopStar Lachlan Cartland  

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare