Isla: Link roundup 7/17/17

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Video of the Week: Do We Need a Soulslike Genre?” from Game Maker’s Toolkit (@britishgaming)

Song of the week: Halo Main Theme – Orchestral Remix” from Laura Platt (@LauraPlattMusic)

Reading: Solutions for game UI problems” from Game UI Patterns (@gameuipatterns)

Excerpt: “XP bar(s) allow for a player to monitor their current skill progression.

Games that include several skill trees may use multiple bars or labels on a single bar to feedback to the user the progression being made as a result of the players’ actions.”

Reddit thread of the week: [Tutorial] Learn To Create Minecraft using C++ and OpenGL!” by /u/Mat2012H

OP Excerpt:  “Hello Reddit!

I have an ongoing series where I show how you might create a Minecraft-like game using C++ and OpenGL from the ground up.

The series is mostly based on my own creation, seen from these videos here

Many people were asking for a tutorial on how I did it, so I thought “Why not?”, and started to create one! :)”

Artist of the Week: Brennan Brinkley

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare