Isla: Link roundup 7/10/17

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Video of the Week: How to Unit Test Unity Code” from Infallible Code

Song of the week: Banjo-Kazooie: Gobi’s Valley – Otamatone + Mr. Knocky Cover” from mklachu (@mklachu)

Reading: Hard Truths about Tech” by Anna Ossowski  (@OssAnna16)

Excerpt: “Last month I attended PyTennessee and saw Kim Crayton’s talk on “Overcoming the Challenges of Mentoring”. Kim is a great speaker, I like how “real” and straightforward she is. There is something she said in her talk which really resonated with me, and which I have thought about a lot. Kim said to stop lying to new programmers because “This shit’s hard”. And I agree with her. Programming is hard and by telling everyone that it’s so easy, we make people feel stupid when they don’t find it as easy.

Kim’s talk inspired me to think about other “lies” or misconceptions about tech so I decided to write a blog post on the “hard truths” about tech, programming, and maybe a little bit life in general. There is so much people don’t tell us or that people sugarcoat, and I think it’s time for us to just talk about things as they are. Keep in mind that this post is written by me and what you’ll get is my subjective opinion, experience, and worldview. Let’s do this!”

Reddit thread of the week: Ways of representing character knowledge in RPGs” by /u/Havenkeld

OP Excerpt:  “I’ve been playing Morrowind, partly for nostalgia and partly ’cause I wanted something atmospheric and simple. One thing that struck me was a discrepancy between the alchemy skill and the mercantile skill. With a high alchemy skill you automatically have knowledge of the effects you can get from various ingredients, but with lower skill you have unknowns. However, with mercantile you know exactly how much items are worth relatively, you just can’t barter as high a price for them.

I think it’d be more interesting to have a low mercantile skill just give you wrong or no info on items depending on rarity, and high mercantile means you know the worth of more things more accurately. This could be paired with NPCs who’re more/less knowledgeable having items of great value that they don’t know are worth much, giving you potential to really score great items cheaper and earlier in a game. Economies in RPGs are often far too rigid and predictable to be interesting, and too easy to game, I think this could address both those common issues to some extent.”

Artist of the Week: Pixel artist Ajmal Rizni (@AjmalRizni)

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare