Isla: Link roundup 7/3/17

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Video of the Week: Telling a Story from the Inside Out” from Lessons from the Screenplay (@michaeltuckerla)

Song of the week: FTL: Milky Way Explore¦ Cello cover” from Panthère Cello (@PanthereCello)

Reading: Defining Environment Language for Video Games” by Emilia Schatz  (@thegreatbluebit)

Excerpt: “In modern games, we create detailed environments that emulate and expand on the appearance of real-world examples. The more life-like a space appears to be, the more we begin to expect it to allow for the affordances we have in real life. But games only enable players the actions developers explicitly allow for and implement. Unfortunately, that aspect of game development doesn’t scale with computing power in the way art has. And when a player’s desire to act is unsupported, we have a break in immersion – all our effort to create a realistic space that looks real is undone by the fact that it does not feel real to interact with.”

Reddit thread of the week: What are some good and bad examples of collectibles?” by /u/Cthulhu9172

OP Excerpt:  “I’ll start. An example of bad collectibles are definitely the Blast Shards from the first InFamous. These are fine at first, but when you get to the last ten or so, it’s nearly impossible to find the rest, due to them not appearing on the map. You can’t remember where you’ve checked either, as all the ares in each district look exactly the same. Worst of all though, to detect the shards on your minimap, you have to press L3. For the entire game, I was pressing L3, and the chime you get when you press it has burned into my brain.”

Top response: “The worst collectibles are definitively those that have no way of tracking which one you got and which one you didn’t. I remember the pigeons in GTA IV, got to 199 collected following a guide and could never find out where was the last remaining one.” – /u/Dunge

image: BigGreenPepper @ DeviantArt

Artist of the Week: Digital artist Slitherbot (@geohedron)

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare