Isla: Link roundup 6/19/17

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Video of the Week: What Modern Games Can Learn From Yooka-Laylee” from hbomberguy (@Hbomberguy)

Song of the week: Persona 5 – Will Power Cover Ft. Legendav” from BlackearacheXD (@Blackearache)

Reading: Russian publisher Buka shafted us out of $24k & threatens to sue when confronted” by Alex Nichiporchik (@aNichiporchik)

Excerpt: “You’re reading the expanded and updated version of a post I wrote 2 years ago titled “Why The Original No Time to Explain sucked” on Gamasutra. In it, I described the early days of my ventures in indie games, and the first commercial game called No Time to Explain. A key factor in that story was that a Russian publisher called Buka Entertainment bailed on a financial commitment, essentially cutting the game’s budget in half. The e-mails outlined in this post are translated by me, so I expect independent 3rd parties to verify the translations. 

Reddit thread of the week: I really hope you newbies read this. That game idea you have knocking around in your head? That’s actually achievable these day, I really hope you make it. Details inside [Unity]” by /u/CactaurJack

OP Excerpt:  “So I finally downloaded unity. I’m in a big ass rut and hadn’t programmed in a while, and got sick of my holding pattern.

Unity is simply lovely. If you’re not a pro C# programmer, then you can make a real, functional game with the tools set out before you with unity. It cuts nearly all the bullshit. You’ll need a bit of programmer cred/ google skills to peace together something “good” but man does it cut the BS that XNA and the like threw in.

But what has SERIOUSLY impressed me is the depth that it allows. You don’t have to be an ace programmer to make something, but if you are, Unity just makes your whole life easier.”

Artist of the Week: Artist and animator Johanna aka. inkyako (@inkyako)

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare