Sean: Update Time

Alright, it’s about damn time for an update.

A couple months ago as we were finalizing concept art, Hadi and I came to the conclusion that since everyone liked the style of our concept art so much, we should attempt to emulate that look as closely as possible in the final game. To us, that meant moving towards a 3d cel-shaded look.

At about the same time we also came to the conclusion that our combat system of moving from an overworld to 2d platforming combat just didn’t work as well as we had wanted.

So we scraped it.  

Months of code down the drain.

The overworld movement system and the combat system had to be merged but it quickly became apparent that it would cleaner to just rewrite it.

So three months later and here we are. Full 3d movement and combat has been integrated and is starting to feel pretty good, at least as well as can be hoped with the use of some rough programmer animations. Ai, that can patrol, hunt and fight continue to be tested.  Production level 3d models and animations are in development and Dawnroot is feeling more and more like a real game each day.

I can’t wait to share when we have more.

Until next time,

Sean Bacon