Isla: Link roundup 4/24/17

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Video of the Week: How Disney uses Language” from Sideways (@Sideways440)

Song of the week: unforeseen consequences (something secret steers us remix)” by morch kovalski

Reading Material: Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers” by Itay Keren (@itayke)

Excerpt: “Working on my game Mushroom 11, I was faced with many different design and technology challenges. I wasn’t expecting to find references to issues like dynamically changing shapes or vertex animation, but I was quite surprised that camera work, a subject with more than 30 years of history in games, was hardly discussed.

I decided to start a journey through the history of 2D gaming, documenting their challenges, approaches and how the evolution of their solutions. Also, since there’s a lack of proper terminology for the many different solutions, I started gathering and categorizing them into groups, providing my own glossary, if only for my personal reference.”

Reddit thread of the week: Why does Call of Duty get criticized both for remaining the same and introducing new stuff? Is that really fair?” by /u/Prince-Cola

OP: “Call of Duty is obviously a massive franchise, one of the most sold video game series of all time. As most have noticed it also has those who dislike it, or what it has become. What i find very interesting about the dislike for CoD is that it is receives two conflicting criticisms at the same time. Fans of the series either complain about it changing too much, or having changed at all. So, i was wondering – Where is the border between releasing the same game over and over, and changing the game too much? “If it’s broken, don’t fix it” is a saying. Should this apply to the CoD series?”

Artist of the Week: Camille Chao –

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare