Isla: Link roundup 4/10/17

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Video of the Week: Analysis: Taunting and Mind Games” from Core-A Gaming (@CoreAGaming)

Song of the week: “Necrofantasia (Yukari’s Theme) || Metal Cover” by RichaadEB (@RichaadEB)

Reading Material/Video: This is what AI sees and hears when it watches ‘The Joy of Painting’” by Andrew Tarantola (@Terrortola)

Excerpt: “Computers don’t dream of electric sheep, they imagine the dulcet tones of legendary public access painter, Bob Ross. Bay Area artist and engineer Alexander Reben has produced an incredible feat of machine learning in honor of the late Ross, creating a mashup video that applies Deep Dream-like algorithms to both the video and audio tracks. The result is an utterly surreal experience that will leave you pinching yourself.”

Reddit thread of the week: Programming got me a non tech job. Thank you all who help teach.” by /u/thisisbeer

OP: “Since I first started learning python a year and a half ago I have always thought everyone should learn at least programming fundamentals. The way it can make you think applies to so many real world applications.

My plan is to try to break into a programming field when my wife graduates college in 2019. So I started learning Python in January 2016, then Java, and then Go. I have never had a tech related job or received a college degree so I thought the more I knew and the more I could show the better. To practice I created several things to make my job easier. I work outside a lot so I made a Django website to do my daily reports on. Which I soon realized I could store all the data and process it to see trends in production and such. We keep 100’s of GB of pictures we have to print after each project so I made a little automated script to compress, resize and format all the pages before printing. Plus several other things of that sort.

Anyways I interviewed for a job last week that is the job of a lifetime. I was the youngest interview by probably 20 years. My problem solving skills helped a ton and I actually managed to have them rethink company policies because of things I brought up in the interview. Plus they were really impressed with a few of the things I made at my previous job. Namely how I used all the data we received to improve our efficiency and quality. They seemed very worried about my age. But to my surprise I got an offer letter yesterday for a large pile of money. So I just wanted to stop by and thank everyone that helps us new people learn how to program.”

Artist of the Week: Sculptor Lady Joyceley

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare