Isla: Link roundup 4/3/17

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Video of the Week: Dark Souls: The Story of Hidetaka Miyazaki, and the Team Ico Game that Changed His Life Forever” from Video Game Story Time – Narrated by Breton Stripes (@BretonStriped) with illustrations by Kotor (@kotorcomics)

Song of the week: Jane Zhang covering THAT song from The Fifth Element

Reading Material: The challenging decisions of game development, or how good people can end up making bad games” by Dan Lowe (@danlowlows)

Excerpt: “The big problem: The new technology is a paradigm shift. There’s no easy way to convert all the old animations and game code over to the new system, so doing this big upgrade to the animation tech, means pushing the reset button on all the gameplay and AI systems that were built for the last two games. Everything will have to be built up again from scratch.

It’s your job to decide whether or not they should do it.”

Reddit thread of the week: Thirteen Years of Bad Game Code by /u/et1337 aka. Evan Todd (@etodd_)

OP Excerpt: “Alone on a Friday night, in need of some inspiration, you decide to relive some of your past programming conquests.
The old archive hard drive slowly spins up, and the source code of the glory days scrolls by…
Oh no. This is not at all what you expected. Were things really this bad? Why did no one tell you? Why were you like this? Is it even possible to have that many gotos in a single function? You quickly close the project. For a brief second, you consider deleting it and scrubbing the hard drive.
What follows is a compilation of lessons, snippets, and words of warning salvaged from my own excursion into the past. Names have not been changed, to expose the guilty.”

Artist of the Week: Artist and animator Joseph Maslov (tumblr, @Super_Jogurt)

Bonus: His Extra Credits guest video

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare