Isla: Link roundup 2/21/17

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Video of the Week: BLIND GAMER tries VR for THE FIRST TIME!!” by Steve Saylor (@stevesaylor)

Song of the week: Stranger Things Remix ► Sega Things (Inverse Phase’s Chiptune Remix) ♪ GameChops Spotlight” by Inverse Phase (@inversephase)

Reading Material Just kidding it’s another video: Tracer & Pose Design 101 – The Animation of Overwatch – Extra Frames” by Daniel Floyd (@EC_DanielFloyd)

Reddit thread of the week: Reddit discussion of “Valve won’t manually curate Steam because it dominates PC gaming” by Jeffrey Grubb (@JeffGrubb)

Selected responses:

“To make the omnious title less omnious, they claim they don’t want to exercise the power that comes from basically being the PC gaming storefront, because it’s hard to get exposure without being on Steam.

In my opinion, it’s probably just that no one wants to sit and curate it. In addition, since gaming storefronts and services have a relatively low barrier of entry, missing out on the next hit means they might actually get a serious competitor.”
– /u/steamruler

“Yea, that’s an angle I haven’t considered. I always thought that Steam’s quasi-monopoly status is problematic but it’s funny it took Valve to admit that themselves to see how that might make curation problematic.

It makes me wonder wether Valve should even bother with a “storefront” and just provide a way to buy games, leaving it to third party sites or apps to curate games. It’s kind of a crazy idea but the kind of stuff Valve might actually consider.”

– /u/nothis

Artist of the Week: Pixel artist 1041uuu (@1041uuu)

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare