The Ultimate Game Dev Reading List

When I decided to start make video games I went about consuming as much material about the subject as I possibly could. I didn’t stop at game design, I wanted to learn everthing from animation to business.

I don’t claim to know everything or even to have retained all of the material that I have come across, but I am often asked the question, “What should I read if I want to do game design?” In short, everything. That is usually an unsatisfactory answer for most so I decided to put together a list.

As I continue to consume more material I will continue to update this list. If you come across anything that you think should be added please let me know.

Untill Next Week,



Game Design-

100 Principles of Game Design

Beginning Game Level Design

Reality is Broken

Journalism At Play

Game Design Workshop

Extra Lives Why Video Games Matter

Universal Principals of Design

The Art of Game Design

Level Up! For Video Game Designers

Glued to Games

Game Feel

Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design


A Theory Of Fun

Challenges for Game Designers

The Design of Everyday Things

101 Things I learned in Architecture School


You Can Draw in 30 Days

Disney Animation The Illusion of Life

The Animator’s Survival Guide

Understanding Comics

Game History-

Replay The History of Video Games

Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America

Masters of Doom

Console Wars


Character Development and Storytelling

Resolutions to Some Problems in Interactive Storytelling

Invisible Ink

Save The Cat

The Hero With a Thousand Faces


Artificial Intelligence for Games

Essential Mathematics For Games


War of Art

Steal Like an Artist

The 4 Hour Chef

Smarter Faster Better

The Power of Habit

Tools of Titans


Hooked How to Build Habit Forming Products

The Lean Startup

3-D Negotiations

The Hard Thing About the Hard Things

The Art of Start

Zero To One

Creativity, Inc

Principle Centered Leadership

Seducing The Subconscious


Bithell Games Podcast

Irrational Podcast


Memory Leak

Pretentious Game Ideas

Robot Congress

The Game Design Roundtable

The Psychology of Video Games

Game Design Dojo

Big Sushi FM

Script Lock

Infinite Ammo

Designer Notes

The Tim Ferriss Show


Extra Credits



Game Soup

Mark Brown

PBS Game Show

Crash Course Games

Snoman Gaming

PBS Idea Channel

Don’t know where to start?

Top Picks

Level Up! For Video Game Designers

Understanding Comics

Masters of Doom

War of Art

Invisible Ink

Extra Credits

Bithell Games Podcast