Isla: Link roundup 1/24/17

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Video of the Week: The Last Guardian and the Language of Games | Game Maker’s Toolkit” from Mark Brown (@britishgaming)

Song of the week: Glue70 vs 2Pac – 2MuchGlue” from Creature (@CreatureStudios)

Reading Material: Game Developers Speak Up in the Face of Obamacare Repeal” by Joseph Knoop (@JosephKnoop)

Excerpt: Ramallo, who must take a pill every day for a pre-existing medical condition, currently pays $600 a month for a plan that only covers roughly half of his needs. By itself, and without the ACA, Ramallo’s medication would cost him $3,000 a month, on top of his copays, premiums, and regular lab checkups. Having come from the European Union, where many countries offer universal healthcare, the shock of the American healthcare system (and the looming repeal) has begun to unravel the life Ramallo and many other immigrants have built up for themselves.

“I’m terrified by what’s going on,” Ramallo says. “If they gut Obamacare and the protections on people with pre-existing conditions, I’m scared that my insurance will decide to not cover my pills, or charge me three, maybe four times as much for my premiums and I’ll just not be able to make games living here anymore.”

Reddit thread of the week: Beyond 50/50: Breaking Down The Percentage of Female Gamers By Genre” by Nick Yee (@Nick_Yee) for Quantic Foundry (@quanticfoundry) + Reddit discussion in /r/Games

Selected Responses:

“I wonder if the higher incidence of visually-induced motion sickness among women helps explain some of the data (obviously not all — grand strategy games aren’t exactly known for their dizzying camera movements). The genres on the top of the list tend towards being 2D or having a fixed camera perspective, whereas the bottom of the list leans towards games with rapid 3D camera movement.”

“And then you can get into even further separation by looking at game (series) individually e.g. Nintendo games in general have a higher portion of female players than their counterparts of the same genre. E.g. while 18% of the Action Adventure genre is female, it’s much closer to 40% or even 50% for Zelda. And in Sports games “fantasy sports” like Rocket League are more popular than real life sports etc. So there is a much bigger reason why women like some genres more than others. But the graph sorted by genre can give us some pointers and hints towards them. E.g. it seems that colorful playfulness is preferred over gritty realism.”

Artist of the Week:  Alli White aka. Skirtzzz (@Skirtzzz)

Podcast of the Week: Animated Anarchy (@AGuyWhoDraws & @AWDtwit)

Description: “Mike and Andrew love animated movies, so it’s only fitting we take a critical look at some of worst and even some of the best the world of cartoons had to offer.”

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare