Don’t Say Interesting

So winter break is over and things are beginning to pick up steam again. I have personally been delving back into story structure and climbing, but the newest and most useful development I would like to share is our new approach to the word interesting.


But why? That is the real question.

I can’t remember what podcast or book I learned the notion from, but the idea is that when discussing new ideas, be they game design, story, art, whatever, there tends to be a response of using the word interesting.

Don’t use it. It is a filler word.

Collectively we tend to use the word interesting to convey that an idea is cool or neat, but the problem is that unless the word interesting is followed up with because the sentence is at best filler and at worst a vague acknowledgment that the group should go along with the idea without examining why.

A game design idea can be interesting if it sounds cool, but does it serve the rest of the design? A plot line can be interesting but does it play into the larger story you are trying to tell.

The point is not to never use the word interesting ever again, but to follow up on why that concept is interesting. Interesting, right?

Until Next Week,