Isla: Link roundup 1/3/17

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Video of the Week: How Telltale Makes Narrative Led Games” from GDC, panel discussion with Tom Bissell, Nick Breckon (@nickbreckon), Pierre Shorette (@Shorette), Kevin Bruner (@kevbru), Ryan Kaufman (@M1sterFox), and Mark Darin

Song of the week: Under the Water (Live on the Honda Stage)” by Aurora (@AURORAmusic)

Reading Material: In year 2017 publishers will need indies more than indies need publishers” by Oleg Pridiuk (@iWozik)

Excerpt: “I work for King, famous game development company that surprised the world last GDC by releasing Defold, an internal game engine, publicly for free. We also announced we’d be providing indies with traffic and help for soft launch and hard launch. Cross-promo from within King games portfolio incentive have been announced by Thomas Hartwig, King CTO, to help talented indies make the market push.

We might have been somewhat naive expecting our free marketing incentives be efficient to lure in good teams. In fact, it has proven to be tremendously hard to find good indie teams with good games who can also listen to the feedback.

But this is what you know already, what you may not know, is what exactly we tried to assemble a community for a young game engine, what worked and what did not work.”

Reddit thread of the week: I’d like to research and learn about writing narratives, in the same way we analyze game design. Where should I start?” from /u/Animoose

OP: “Not even sure what terms to Google or any nice sources. I’d love to read into how tv and movie scripts are organized into acts/parts and how writers go about piecing it all together

EDIT: Here’s a compiled list of everyone’s suggestions 🙂

Artist of the Week:  “Lines and Colours” Beccy Champagne (

Podcast of the Week: Video Games Hot Dog (@vghotdog@zapjackson@rifflesby@mogwai_poet and @puzzletheory)

Description: “1. Kill Skeleton 2. Get sweet sword”

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare