Isla: Link roundup 12/20/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es.

Video of the Week: Trope Talk: Strong Female Characters” from Overly Sarcastic Productions (@OSPyoutube)

Song thing of the week: D3sire” from Airlocksound (@airlocksound)

Reading Material Lecture: Brian Bucklew, Data-Driven Engines of Qud and Sproggiwood” (@unormal)

Reddit thread of the week: Doesn’t seem like much, but getting footprints working in my game is huge for me [The First Tree]” from the creators of The First Tree (@DavidWehle)

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Artist of the Week: Paper art artist ShadowofDorkness (@ShadowDorkness)

Podcast of the Week: Crate and Crowbar (@crateandcrowbar)

Description: “The Crate and Crowbar is a weekly PC gaming podcast produced by a group of friends who live in Bath, UK and work in the games industry.

Caution: we swear a lot. Sorry, kids.”

Random Link of the Week: Click it if you dare