Sean: Holiday Cheer

My biggest concern I had on implementing stealth mechanics is out of the way. Vision cones and sound ripples have been visualized and don’t look half bad for being a prototype.


With visualizations out of the way, I can go on holiday without my mind interrupting me to think about how to implement that when I get back.

As for the actual implementation of the AI stealth mechanics, that can wait until Christian is finished with the behavior tree. By the look of things, everything should be in place when I get back to begin implementing guard behaviors and whatnot in the overworld. Super exciting. I have been waiting almost a year to get to this point in development, so I’ll take being at this point in development as a holiday bonus.

On that note, I would like to thank everyone at Namespace Studio for the work that they have done this year, we would not be where we are now without all of your efforts. 2016 may have been shitty for everyone else this year, but Namespace had a great first year. So thank you, all of you and have an awesome holiday and begining of the new year.