Sean: A Brief Overview of Stealth

Not much to say this week. Stealth research was fun and I thought I might as well give a brief overview of my notes since I don’t have much else to talk about. All stealth mechanics seem to break into essentially two categories, hiding and detection. Hiding is the name of the game and comes in many forms, behind objects, in objects, in shadows, in disguise, in-visible(hahaha) and you get the idea. Detection happens whenever the enemy AI is alerted, whether that happens by seeing, hearing or smelling you or something you trick the AI into thinking is the player character. All of this is of course wrapped up nicely with clear communication to player of what the AI can sense and where the AI are located (not that this needs to be handed to the player from the beginning).

On that note, I am off to research how to code dynamic vision cones as that seem like the trickiest and most crucial part in getting this to work.

Until next week,