Christian: Itty bitty pieces

After a significant amount of time, I’ve been able to get the uvs and curved pieces more or less sorted out. As a result this week was spent dealing with the saving procedure. The way the game uses levels is a little bit complicated, but the basic method is that each “zone” is broken down into different “levels”. Each level is of a uniform size (for example, 10 units), and that allows us to tile the levels, only keeping up to 16 loaded at any one time. However, this creates the need for a level slicer when we want to make levels in the editor. It’s a really big pain to edit only one level at a time, so we want the level editor to work with zones, and not individual level tiles. I’ve done most of the groundwork for level slicing this week, so on that front only minor adjustments remain. Once I’ve got the level cut up, then I can begin the work of compiling the slices into level tiles, and then combining all of them into a single json file.