Christian: 50/50

Well, I was right about the curved pieces going well with the existing data structure… sorta. As far as geometry goes it’s smooth sailing. I had to cut the curved pieces into faces, which admittedly took a bit more doing than I expected, but in the end I was able to get curved faces for both convex and concave edges. Next up was inserting those faces into level builder, and again it went relatively smoothly. after a few minor modifications, the level engine treats the curved pieces just like the triangles and stretched quads that they replace. The part that became difficult was the texturing system. There were not that many vertices to keep track of before now (at most, 4). After adding the curved pieces, I have to keep track of up to 18 vertices and their uvs and normals. So this is going to lead to a lot of new uv configurations. It isn’t difficult to make new uv configurations, it just takes a while, so hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here.