How To Use Slack Without Losing You Mind or Your Precious Files

I worked on podcasts and a few other things this week; however, the main thing I want to share this week is how to use slack as an indie. That is how to keep using slack for free without losing all of your shit.


Slack is a wonderful application but comes up short when it comes to having to pay to access old files that you have posted. Enter Odrive. You can connect Odrive to slack to constantly backup all files uploaded to slack for free. The second pain in the ass with Slack is that deleting files is only able to be done one at a time through their shitty interface. Enter, bulk remove files from Slack, script Thank you Santiago and the others at Levato for saving me the time it would have taken to familiarize myself with Python and write this myself. With that out of the way, I no longer have to worry about storage space on slack or losing our art files. Woo fucking hoo!

Until Next Week,