Ken: Too tired

I’m too tired and sad to do anything today. I’m just going to cuddle Mr. Scruffles and present a list of truths instead.

  • The show with the cut-out-characters who swear a lot based their current storyline off of a thread on a certain anonymous message board.
  • 34/35 moderators on one of the largest and most popular political messageĀ boards onlineĀ have been replaced or newly within the last year.
  • One of the most popular TV reporters currently on air worked for the FBI for two years before he started his news career.
  • One of the big companies that provides email addresses allowed for content scanning of emails that recipients hadn’t even opened yet.
  • Some of the most recently leaked emails from certain political organisations contain information about aliens. The origin of these emails is actually the same anonymous message board that I mentioned earlier. It’s circled all the way around.