Ken: More of this, then?

It looks like I am to add more of the conspiracies in order to keep my current arrangement. Well that is acceptable. This week, I will not give you a list of many true things, but instead I will explain one thing in many details.

These things are your enemy:

You think I am being silly. I am not!

You see, darkness is good. Darkness is necessary for getting good sleep and being healthy and not having your sicknesses accelerate and if you don’t sleep well and on a natural schedule, you will start to┬áhave problems, but the thing is, all human cities are so full of light that you cannot LITERALLY CANNOT have a natural light schedule. There is ALWAYS more light than there ever would be naturally you cannot escape it!

If you follow a normal dark/light cycle, you will be happier and healthier, but if you do not, you will become stressed. So what is happening in cities? EVERYONE is stressed unnaturally ALL THE TIME. There is no rest! You are always exposed to too many lights and sounds and sirens and people and you get no space and no quiet and no rest!

You think it is normal. It is not normal. You think human behavior in cities is normal, but it is not! If you put a bunch of animals like Mr. Scruffles in a place where they were constantly exposed to more light and noise than they would be naturally that would be considered animal abuse! So why do so many humans think that living with THIS:


or THIS:

or THIS:

is acceptable? You have people on this planet who don’t know what the milky way looks like and thought stars were some kind of POLLUTION!

You are making yourselves unhealthy physically and mentally and you don’t even realize it! Because you think it is light and it’s harmless to you!

… I mean…

… and “we” don’t even realize it….

… “harmless to us