Ken: Mr. Scruffles

I have acquired Mr. Scruffles. This is Mr. Scruffles. He is a real juvenile canine and this is not a photo I acquired off the google images. Behold.

You will note his intelligent eyes and small nose, it is cool to the touch. When he is amused or in a positive emotional state, Mr. Scruffles will move his tail horizontally back and forth in rapid succession.

I am glad to have acquired this animal companion, it is good for getting me out of the house, which is where I am currently located. I spent too much time in that house, and it was very difficult for anything to get inside that house, even when they worked really really hard to do so and that wasn’t very nice of me to make them work so hard because I knew they were on a tight deadline but I just did not care about their wellbeing, oh no, it was far more important to put sharp pointies in the part of the house where the fire lives so anything trying to get inside would get all scratched up.

Mr. Scruffles seems upset, I should let him know I am not mad at him. He is a very good boy. Some things, some people, are not good. Not like Mr. Scruffles. Mr. Scruffles is a good boy.