Sean: Memories

All-right, so I haven’t written an entry for a few weeks. My bad. My time got a bit screwed up by my trip to Tahoe for my uncles wedding. Coincidently, if it hadn’t been for him, who knows if I ever would have picked up playing video games in the first place. One of my […]

Christian: Level Editor 2: son of Editor

Just as I hoped, last week has illuminated several bugs, but it also did more. I discovered that my level editor as it stands just isn’t up to the task. The main problem is that it has to step over unity’s built in editor in order to work, which leads to awkward workflow. I can […]

Isla: Link roundup 9/27/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es. Videos of the Week: The “12 Principles of Animation” series from AlanBeckerTutorials (@alanthebecker) Song of the week: Vanilla – Summer (SoundCloud) Reading material: After extensive preparation, our Kickstarter failed hard. Here’s what we think went wrong. from the makers of Abatron Excerpt: “Who we are: We are a father son and grandfather […]

Ken: Shifting the goalposts on me

I have been informed that a “conspiracy” has to be something where one group of humans is doing something intentionally to another group of humans. It cannot be something that humans are doing to themselves, or allowing to have happen to them out of ignorance or because they think something is normal. Alright then, behold […]

Hadi: Back from the wilderness

Hey guys! Let’s get this journal on the way, should be a short one! So on my last entry I was hoping to have a pixel logo ready, well things changed a bit. We have started looking for alternate ways of funding Namespace and if this works out I will be extremely pleased. Other than […]

Dre: Journal entry for Dre!

So there have been some developments with the company. Everything has been going well. I have been finishing up almost everything with our initial release and moving on to more artsy stuff. I’m overall pretty happy with everything I’ve done. The world has been developing in a very positive way. Pieces are fitting together and […]

Christian: The prototype

This is going to be a bit of a shorter journal entry, as I’ve mainly done two things this week. I have begun working on the prototype of our first level, and I finished up my tutorial on reflection. I’ve talked with sean and he agrees that I should start on the first level in […]

Isla: Link roundup 9/20/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es. Videos of the Week: “Baldur’s Gate: Durlag’s Tower – #1: Dungeon Master’s Guide – Design Club” from Extra Credits (@ExtraCreditz) (We recommend watching ALL videos in the “Durlag’s Tower” series) Song of the week: “[Castlevania Remix] – Tears of Blood (Bloody Tears)” by Joshua Morse […]

Ken: More of this, then?

It looks like I am to add more of the conspiracies in order to keep my current arrangement. Well that is acceptable. This week, I will not give you a list of many true things, but instead I will explain one thing in many details. These things are your enemy: You think I am being […]

Tutorial: Saving script values in Unity with Reflection

For our project DawnRoot, We wanted to have an interactive AI, Not AI standing in the same spot giving the same lines of dialog every time. Instead, we wanted our AI to move around the world, meet their needs for food, drink, and sleep, and otherwise appear as life-like as possible. To that end, we […]