Hadi: So much shame I can’t even…

and some more I have missed a total of 3 Journals since my last entry… … But it’s not my fault! After my last entry I started working with Andrew on DAWNROOT’s logo, and not wanting to spoil our “reveal” I was forced to keep quiet… (I guess I could’ve written a journal about something […]

Isla: Link roundup 8/30/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es. Video of the Week: “Ocarina Cover Compilation | The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D” by PuppetMaster9 (@PuppetMasterIX) Song of the week: “Into the Wild  (Demo)” by Underground Method (@MusicUgm) Reading material: “5 storytelling tips from a Disney Pixar veteran” – Kris Graft’s (@krisgraft) interview with Matthew Luhn (@MatthewLuhn) […]

Ken: [No subject provided]

I was wrong. I see that now. I don’t know what came over me. Everything is hunky-dory, I was worried over nothing, how silly of me. I think I’m going to go for a nice long walk now to clear my head. Maybe adopt a puppy, I will name him Mr. Scruffles and take him […]

Christian: Optimize and Do it Again

This week was about building collision meshes and making some structural choices on how the levels are going to be stored. The collision meshes were relatively easy to sort out, once I was able to find a nice way to mark edges. What I ended up doing was marking each edge when a block was […]


Namespace Studio is incredibly pleased to announce the official title of our game, Dawnroot, previously referred to as Project Nibiru. Deciding on a name is often a long and difficult process or so I have been told. Starting with a list of over 100 hopefuls, we managed to drill down to Dawnroot within a week […]

Sean: Throwing Pots

One week later and master cylinder is still holding strong. The only issue that came up, in colliders catching on tile corners, has already been taken care of by Christian through generation of mesh colliders over tiles. Having finished jumping/falling mechanics, I moved onto dabbling with further overworld object interaction. Next on the list was […]

Dre: Journal 26

So I got some pretty solid work done on Manandans face. The level of detail is nice and the elements I created are interesting. There are still a couple unremarkable places, mainly the ear, walls and bar. I solve a hundred problems just to realize I’ve created 10 hundred more. If everything was that easy, […]

Isla: Link roundup 8/23/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es. Video of the Week: “The Comeback of the Immersive Sim | Game Maker’s Toolkit” from Mark Brown (@britishgaming) Song of the week: “Gerudo Valley (from “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”) Mariachi Cover” by Mariachi Entertainment System Reading material: “How our PR partner’s reputation became a liability, and […]

Ken: Hiding in Plain Sight

Hey everyone, Ken E. here. But I kind of wish I wasn’t. I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks. Honestly, I feel like I’m going crazy. At night, I can hear the walls whispering, and I constantly feel like someone is looking over my shoulder. I’ve also been having this recurring dream where my […]

Dre: Journal 25

So I got stuck in the delta blackout last week. That was lame. Got stuck in Portland for 2 extra days after 2 canceled flights. As far as Nemid’s playground goes, the map layout is getting pretty good. The map has enough size and variety of gameplay to be interesting. Now it just needs to […]