Christian: The Impossible Jump

Took a break from the inventory this week to rework jumping. The system that I had built wasn’t nearly robust enough to handle what we needed it to, so I took another look at it and game it an overhaul. Now, jumping is based off of what tile the player is over. If that tile […]

Andrew: Can you smell roses on the run?

Time keeps trucking along, I know that everyone here has heard it and said it but time really does move fast, I have to keep reminding myself to stop and take a breath and look around a little bit.  I have been working so much that I start to forget how crazy it is that […]

Hadi: Whoops

Aaaaand I am late once again! “Shame…. Shame…. Shame….” Well like always I forgot about this part of development, whoopsie dasies. This past week I’ve been heads deep in some logo design for our game! If I already haven’t mentioned it, we have a name! But we’re first trying to make the name look cool […]

Ken: Jump Out of Your Skin

Hey everyone, Ken E. here. Last week I talked about the Walking Corpse Syndrome, in which people come to believe that they are actually dead. However, that’s far from the strangest psychological disorder I’ve encountered. That honor goes to the Jumping Frenchmen of Maine. It’s a real thing. Go look it up…actually you don’t have […]

Isla: Link roundup 7/26/16

For submissions, suggestions, or things to add, send ’em my way: @isla_es. Video of the Week: “The Philosophy of Bill Murray – Wisecrack Edition ” from Wisecrack (@wisecrack with @earthlingcinema, @8bitphilosophy, and @sparkysweetsPhD) See Also: Dave Strider’s (of Andrew Hussie‘s/@andrewhussie “Homestuck“) comments on this particular (and arguably very “American”) type of irony: Song of the week: “Moon River (cover)” by Molly Moose Reading material:  “Chrono Trigger’s […]

Christian: Swap Meet

With equipment more or less working, it’s time for buying and selling. The basic mechanics of this is that when the player enters a shop, they will be presented with not only their own inventory, but the inventory of the shop clerk. In this state, trying to pick up an item will, instead of equipping […]

Hadi: Loose Ends

Hi guys, My apologies for missing last week’s journal entry. I’d like to say that I forgot, but I’d be lying. The reason I missed it was because I was distracted with other aspects of our project. This past week I’ve been assembling the first part of our slice which we are calling “Episode 1” […]

Andrew: Journal entry #18

First and foremost, Dre, I think you are pretty awesome too.  I had an awesome time up in the mountains. I really had a chance to be distraction free and work out Rutherford. I will be posting him mañana along with a color deal. I also has some logo stuff for consideration but it is […]

Dre: Revived

So I ran out of contract, but now I’m back.. INDEFINITELY (don’t tell the bosses). So I have enough time to finish all the map designs. I’m glad because I was worried that there would be some that were sub-par. I now have the time to finish things to the level I hoped they would […]

Sean: Animation Hooks

Ah yes, the unity animator. Creating overworld animation hooks means creating another tangled web of animation states. Messy… maybe. Effective… definitely. So far I have idle, walk, attack and roll states down and functioning exactly the way I want to. In an attempt to debug animations by myself with out needing outside testing, I have […]