Christian: Merging, the gift that keeps on giving

This week was focused on two features primarily. Feature one was to make a moving platform for the tram that is planed for the starting area. Feature two s to get the arena transitions working again. The first one I was able to get done relatively easily. We wanted the player to be able to board the tram, walk around on it, and be able to see the scenery passing by, all without taking a break to load. It turns out this was a relatively simple matter of updating the player’s velocity by adding the velocity of the platform AFTER the player had completed their movement step. Figuring out a bunch of small details like that the update should be after, or that gravity should be turned off for the platform consumed the bulk of development time. It was especially tough to get the platform to always stop on the “end point” of its track, with a distance that hides when the platform snaps to the destination at the end. If the player had jumped against the walls of the tram, they could sometimes move it far enough off track that it would miss the snap marker entirely and just keep going forever. to fix it required a more complicated end stop system, but now it is impossible for the player to push the tram off the rails. The second feature is where merging rears its ugly head again. Unity’s tags and layers are stored in binary files, and as such, when I change a tag, and Sean changes a tag, git can’t resolve the merge conflict, so we have to pick one or the other. What this means is that pretty much any time we add new tags or input buttons or things like that, we have to manually go through and combine them in someone’s project, and then re-commit. It’s not a particularly big hassle, but it is a little more time consuming than I would like.