Christian: The navigation problem – The navigation strikes back

After all of the hassle that went into last week’s navigation puzzle, it was suggested that we simply rotate our levels into unity’s XZ plane, and use additive scene loading to use multiple navigation meshes. While both of these worked well when tried, I hit a particularly unforgiving snag. The off-mesh navigation links, which is what we would have used to move our AI from one navigation mesh to another weren’t working. Unity was just refusing to recognize manually built off-mesh links, and the automatically generated links weren’t being followed by the Ai Agent. After some thought, I decided that redoing our level system to use unity’s navmesh wasn’t worth it if it was going to be so finicky. So, I went back to the A* pathfinding project and made a solution where clicking a button in the editor would generate a navigation mesh for the level, and I updated the Pathfinding Agent to be able to move from mesh to mesh. the solutions I came up with are still a little rough around the edges, but overall I am pleased with their performance.