Frank: 9-5 Blues

Last week was a blur. My two bosses were out of town (as they are this week) and that left just me and one other person to manage the 4 or 5 projects we have going on, in addition to my regular duties. Needless to say, it was an incredibly busy week, and when the weekend came it was my turn to go out of town. That left very little time to spend working on music. I spent the scarce free time that I did have watching videos and reading articles about mixing fundamentals and techniques, and I learned that I really had no idea how to properly mix tracks into a master. I think that may be a major thing holding Shadow back right now — I have felt for a while that it is close to being complete, but there is something I can’t put my finger on that is clearly missing. As discussed earlier, I posited that it could be the instruments and sounds that are sub-quality and hence keeping the song sounding amateur-ish. I still think this could be the case, but so far every re-instrumentation I’ve made with different sounds (including free samples of paid packages) has come out worse than what I currently have. This keeps me feeling very hesitant to go ahead and purchase any sound packages, and if there is a different variable that is lowering the quality of this song I would like to try and fix it before deciding to spend any money.

During the week, I made a new copy of Shadow and reset all of the parameters to “0” with the intent on mixing it from the top, using my newfound and increasing knowledge on mixing to guide me. I am sure that this will help to get rid of the crowding and cluttering effect I have been complaining about, and I am hoping that it will improve the quality in other areas as well. I have also added some recorded acoustic guitar to more areas of the song, but have not had a chance to record in an environment that has favorable conditions.

It has been frustrating to be stuck at the end of this song for so long, especially when I have had such little time to work on it over the past couple of weeks, but I’m hoping that I will make a breakthrough while re-mixing it.