Isla: Link roundup 2/22/16

I’m thinking of starting a new thing, weekly linkdumps. Hopefully this will be a useful resource (or at least an interesting timewaster). If anyone has any suggestions for new categories, things to add, etc. Please let me know @isla_es.

Image of the week: Roll Your Class (Source unknown)

Video of the week: “Chuck Jones – The Evolution of an Artist” from Every Frame a Painting

Article of the week:Emotions and Mechanics #3: Lessons about Serenity” by Yu-Cheng (Larry) Chang

“Paper” of the week:Rule Databases for Contextual Dialog and Game Logic or ‘How to Make Writers Even More Awesome‘” by Elan Ruskin

Reddit thread of the week:Getting Streamer to play your game, how we did it” by gambrinous, creator of Guild of Dungoneering