Isla: Link Roundup 2/29/16 (Leap day!)

As mentioned last week, if anyone has any suggestions for new categories, things to add, etc. Please let me know @isla_es. Video of the week: “The Unseen History of Portal (VNN Exclusive)” from Tyler McVicker/Valve News Network Reading material: “10 Typical Perspective Errors” by Martina C. Reddit thread of the week: “How to approach a […]

Hadi: Well… Crap

I missed the deadline for the journal entry; For Shame. “…” . Well, it happens. Anywho; Sean and I spent the entirety of yesterday going over project scope, budget and timeline. Super fun stuff. After hours of trimming and fixing we think we can properly see what the project will be, it’s super exciting! Other […]

Sean: I beat Hadi

…with whom I have been talking with literally all day and who still needs to both drive home in the snow and write a blog update in the next 10 minutes. This past week I have been developing the fighting mechanism for the game. So far development has gone even better than expected and basic […]

Frank: It Never Ends

I was really hoping that the title of this week’s journal would be something like “Basking in the Light at the End of the Tunnel”, and that the subject would reflect this. I suppose the week began as such, anyway. The start was very promising — I got a good amount of work done implementing […]

Christian: Quests and databases

After a week, I’ve managed to implement a basic version of the Dialog and quest systems by using a database! Of course, it’s still very un-optimized, and database is probably too generous a term for what is essentially a hash table storage system, but it is functional and at this point that’s what I care […]

Ken: Sleeping Giants, part 1

Hey everyone, Ben E. here. Have you guys every heard of Robert Pershing Wadlow? Wadlow was a giant in the field of…well, in the field of humanity. Born and raised in Alton, Illinois back in 1918, Wadlow weighed around eight pounds when he was born. That’s a nearly average weight for a newborn. However, by […]

Isla: Link roundup 2/22/16

I’m thinking of starting a new thing, weekly linkdumps. Hopefully this will be a useful resource (or at least an interesting timewaster). If anyone has any suggestions for new categories, things to add, etc. Please let me know @isla_es. Image of the week: Roll Your Class (Source unknown) Video of the week: “Chuck Jones – […]

Frank: One Step Closer

My main accomplishment this past week has been getting a solid percussion track completed. Percussion is always my least favorite part and doesn’t tend to be a strong suite of mine, but after trying many different things I finally got something I like. Aside from that, I have played around with a few different sounds […]

Dre: 2/21/16

This week I went to a  1920s themed party which was pretty interesting. Everyone was totally decked out and it’s the first time I’ve ever gone out in public with a mustache. NAIIIILED IT! On a similar note, the characters don’t seem to have strayed from the 20s, but I don’t think that’ll matter much […]

Ken: Feeling The Earth Shake

Hey everyone, Ben E. here. Let me take a minute to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming. By now you’ve probably heard plenty about the spacetime ripples discovered by a group of scientists at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory in Louisiana and The Hanford Site in Washington. These waves were first theorized by Einstein over a […]