Frank: This is tons of fun

I’ve really been enjoying working on this project for a number of reasons, the first and foremost being that I have been able to experiment with lots of different sounds, instruments, progressions and melodies. This is tons of fun, and I always look forward to the evenings and weekends that I’m free to work on it. I simply love to make music, and because my day job is completely different and not creative in any sense (project manager for an LED lighting company) working on songs for this game does not feel like work at all… Well OK, sometimes it does feel like work (especially as of late with this frustrating issue of not being able to get the Chrono Trigger soundfont to work properly), but even making a song sound just slightly better gives me a great deal of satisfaction and keeps me eager to continue working on it. I have also been learning a great deal already, and I’ve noticed that I’ve become more deliberate in nearly every aspect of the production process. This has caused me to be more productive and efficient with the time I spend on it.

The other major reason that I really enjoy working on this is I think the world you guys have created so far is awesome, and based on the influences, tone, and sense of humor in the game, I can already tell I’m going to love playing it.

Despite not having gotten much work done over the last few days (due to an insanely busy weekend/week at work), I feel that have made good progress. The Shadow song is close to being finished I believe, and I’ve got a few ideas for the Chip song that I’m excited to pursue. As I work my way through the music that has been posted, I feel that I am getting a better and better sense of the style and feel that you guys are looking for in this game.

Before I end my rant, I want to add in here that I will be getting my tonsils out tomorrow morning. Since I’m taking two weeks off work to recover and will likely be bored out of my skull when not in agonizing pain, I anticipate getting a good amount of work done during the recovery. Perhaps the drugs will have a positive influence on the music I come up with

Sorry for the book, gentlemen (and women). That’s it for me.