Sean: This is what I get for listening to podcast commercials

First off, fuck square space and their lack of extensions. I guess this is what I get for listening to podcast commercials. Time to get back to having real FTP access, server space and good old WordPress. It was kind of a pain to switch over last week, but the benefits will definitely outweigh time spent on the switch. Alongside site reconstruction, we finally have a Twitter, Facebook and a Tumblr.

because we finally have a logo… Well we have two logos that we can live with for now while we work on more important things like saying hi to people on twitter… I mean game development. Also I can’t help but ask how did people work on collaborative projects without Slack, I’m honestly asking. Chain emails? /Shudder.

Being able to look at where character concept designs and the engine started just a few weeks ago and scroll though to what we have now is beautiful.

Now aside from businessy shtuff Hadi and I have compiled a few veeeery long lists of all the media that we have consumed to serve as references as well as inspiration for the rest of the team, though the amount of content is a bit daunting. Story and design docs continue to coalesce and character concepts are also looking awesome. I am really excited to start showing them to people outside our studio to get more feedback.

That’s all for this week, time to get back to work.

– Sean Bacon