Ken: The Disappearing Race

Hey everyone, I’m Ben E, but every just calls me Benny.

I’m the team’s historian and researcher, which means I get to investigate all the terrifying myths, fables, and legends throughout history that have become the basis for our game. Basically, I’m like Indiana Jones with a modem.

I’m really excited to share some truly dreadful and deranged stuff with you all, but to kick things off, I figured I’d start by telling you about one of the greatest mysteries of our time: the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki were a select society of people who lived thousands of years ago in the Fertile Crescent. Ancient texts refer to them as white haired giants whose knowledge and science was light-years beyond any other people group of the era. The ancient Mesopotamians actually worshipped them as gods, and the name Anunnaki literally means “princely offspring.”

However, one interesting fan theory suggests that they weren’t native to our planet at all. Instead, they came from a planet called Nibiru, which features an extended orbit that allows it to pass by Earth only once every several thousand years (could this be related to the recent discovery of Planet X?). When Nibiru finally does align with Earth, however, it’s close enough for the Anunnaki to make a quick space hop over to our favorite blue planet and start causing mischief.

Unfortunately we don’t know what happened to the Anunnaki. They literally vanished from the face of the Earth. We have a few slivers of archeological evidence that point back to them, but it’s almost as if one day they all got up and vanished. Could it have been a massive famine? A great plague? Or did they all just go back home? …And could they someday come back?

Until next time everyone. Keep your chin up and pick up a history book.